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I'm a one man media company...

I am a hands on multi-media & communications specialist.

Whether it's music, film, photography, design or the web... I got you covered!

I'm up to date on the latest technology and am always learning new skills.

Here are some of my finest moments:
I've honed my skills in studios all across the country...
Then brought my music, film & photography knowledge to others.

I've filmed hundreds of projects all over the world...

For the last 10 years my work has revolved around music, film, photography, events and education.

I am creative, but results-driven. I not only market, but create content, I design and curate, syndicating content that drives revenue all over the world.
Watch this film reel of my latest projects^

I've organized hundreds of events & creative collaborations.

From 2003-2013, I produced hundreds of events for high school and college kids all across the country.

Deejaying started as hobby, but then grew into a full-time position at an emerging A/V production company where I grew my skills in event management, logistics, audio & lighting design... and so much more...
I've started deejaying at 13 years old!
Watch Daniel innovate play jay z on piano

Music inspires me...

Now I help others find their creativity and remind them that it's never too late to start learning a new instrument.


I've created content for the best in the biz.

From John Legend, to Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, to Logic and Porter Robinson. I've created content across multiple genres for some of the best in the industry.

Other notable collaborations include: Fabolous, Meek Mill, Fetty Wap, Ryan Leslie, Scott Storch, and many more.

John Legend - United Palace Theatre N.Y.

Produced this interview with John Legend on his Yahoo Music on the Road Tour in New York City.

City of Hearts - Music Festival L.A.

The team at Desert Hearts, an electronic music festival brought me on to cover their event in downtown Los Angeles.

I've produced film commercials for some of America's leading brands.

Over the years, I have worked on set for some of America's leading brands.

From being an intern, to a production assistant, to a Director of Photography - and everything in-between.

My roles have included: pre-production writing, lighting design, directing, editing, to color correction & media encoding.

I LOVE Virtual Reality!

VR technology has grown tremendously over the last couple years and I've been paying attention!

I am now using a variety of VR accessories that are simple and easy to shoot and edit. Check out some of my projects in this video:

I love working with people...

And people seem to love working with me...

Daniel is one of the most influential people I've ever met. Not only does he create amazing work, but I've witnessed him lead others down a path of success, myself included. He identified my skills and aligned them with the things I love to do. He helped build my business acumen and I truly consider him a mentor. Great guy here!

Matthew Salamone
Digital Content Creator
I met Daniel on Instagram a few years back. I can't say I've ever met someone as helpful and positive. He's a genius when it comes to business and marketing and has helped us out a ton. Almost every week this dude is calling us up making sure were staying positive and productive and sending us good vibes while dropping a little business advice on us while he's at it.

Austin Hein
CEO WSPR Creative
Daniel is a talented music producer and filmmaker. I have had the privilege of working and collaborating with Dan on many projects and I cannot recommend him enough. His keen attention to detail, positive attitude, and work ethic is why we will always have a professional relationship.

Mike Leary
Director of Photography
I met Daniel a couple of years ago. It is extremely rare to meet a person so friendly, humble, smart, creative, insightful, helpful and highly professional. He has a unique vision and never fails to deliver amazing work. I am so grateful we met. We have brought many creative ideas to life thanks to his talent and work ethic.

Anastasiia Mazurok
Violinist, Juilliard School
Over the past few years, Daniel has been an inspirational mentor for me. Consistently supporting and encouraging my own multimedia projects, Daniel's genuine feedback, positive outlook, and influential work always motivates me to work smarter, make good judgements, and follow my passion.

Justin Harrison
Student, Temple University
I've worked with Daniel for many years in my role as Executive Director of the Greenfield Film Festival. Daniel has been a regular teaching at our workshop and judging films. He has an incredible passion for educating young filmmakers and musicians and does a great job himself as a filmmaker and musician. I highly recommend him.

Carl Woodin
President, AZ Tech
Daniel is an extremely talented individual that I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with. From the first day I met Daniel he lent a helping hand and was eager to teach me anything and everything he could with music. He has an inherent passion for music which drives his ability to learn things very quickly and to teach them thoroughly.

Edward Wienckoski

Systems Engineer, NASA
Dan's expertise in the field has directly resulted in my job improvement and advancement within the company. His training has allowed me to be more confident when performing at events, and because of my progression, I have been offered additional events throughout the year. I look forward to continuing my professional development with Dan's assistance.

Jennifer Beddall

Creative Director, Adspire

I love timelapse!

There are so many interesting ways to tell a story...

How can timelapse help you?

Thanks for checking out my site!

I've got some really big dreams.. However, I am also practical and understand that small consistent steps are often more important than the bigger picture. I seek to combine the key concepts of agile development with the interpersonal communication and project management skills necessary to bring out the best in people.

My knowledge of the web not only helps with design and user experience, but also with the publishing and distribution of content. Whether its SEO, SEM, or Social Media, I have the skills and experience to have a constructive and data driven conversation with other professionals.

Click here if you want to check out the paper version of my resume.

Daniel Innovaté

Creative Director

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